Use AI to sell directly to your customers
right within Instagram comments


Over 1 billion actively use Instagram
including your potential customers!

However, the problem is, buyers always have to follow many clicks and steps before making their first purchase from you. With Paywitty, we shortened the whole process to 2 steps, “comment” and “checkout”. Your customers can comment #buy to add item to cart and simply checkout with the link in bio. This is the sure way to reducing your loses to cart abandonment by making checkout easier and faster.

You post it. They buy it.

It works where you and your customers already are – Instagram. Think of your page as the ecommerce site and the comment section is your add-to-cart button. Buyers just comment “#buy” to place their order. No drama. Paywitty AI even replies your comments on your behalf while you are away.

Increase Instagram conversion

Unlike traditional ecommerce storefront solutions that takes customers away from your products, Paywitty activates your sales opportunity by converting your engagement directly into sales. Also track your sales, engagements and ROI from our Seller’s Dashboard.

Fast Checkout

Paywitty makes social selling faster by letting your customer shop and checkout in one step instead of multiple/complex checkout process. We help you reduce cart abandonment. You #SELL in the moment!

Start selling by connecting
your Instagram Business Account

To connect Instagram Business Account, you must first give authorization through the Facebook website.


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